Help the little slime escape from the cube it’s trapped in. Turn the cube, find the map, memorize it and escape within the time,all while you are surrounded by enemies!

Defeat terrible bosses that want to catch you

There are many enemies in your way to escape from the cube, but you are a little slime, you can’t attack! The only way to pass these enemies is to defeat them being ingenious. Can you escape from them and find the way to the next labyrinth?

Visit different environments along more than 30 handmade labyrinths

We prepared some worlds for you with simple 2d pixelart and a touch of classics retro games with chiptune music. You will travel with this little slime through many labyrinths that we created specially for being a challenge for you while you start knowing what the cube is, the slime, and the enemies on the path.

Turn the cube to escape from the labyrinth

You are trapped in a labyrinth that you cannot see. To know which way is the correct, you must turn the cube, memorize the way as fast as you can and run to the exit to save the slime